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Contraction & Convergence (C&C) is the name of a Global CO2 emissions management model.
It was created by the Global Commons Institute (GCI) between 1990 & 1994.

It is also called 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord' (WTCA) as the internally convergent-parts
of C&C always add up to or commute with the global contraction-event as a whole

GCI introduced C&C model at COP-2 in Geneva in 1996. The (now inconic) image below 'stuck'.
In principle it was agreed at COP-3. The story 1989 to now, is at the links listed on the right.

GCI declared a global climate emergency at COP-2 (p 26) The rates of climate change threaten extinction.
Unless we have completed a C&C-event at rates that avoid that, the threat will become the reality.

As the UNFCCC Executive Secretary Joke Waller Hunter said in 2003 & the UNFCCC repeated in 2009, "UNFCCC-compliance inevitably requires Contraction and Convergence".