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Logical Beginnings

The overal comment here recognizes that cause precedes effect.

Starting with [a] the well-tempered VOID
(Guido Tonelli) the uncertainty/certainty principle is examined
within the binding/non-binding oscillations of symmetry-making & symmetry-breaking & spin-direction
including comment on [b] the Well Tempered Climate Accord & 30 years of UNFCCC-(non)-compliance.

In the light of that, essay observes how measurements of the: -

1. First Law - the inversality of wave length:frequency give the
2. Rates & Ratios of the waves of the
Harmonic Series (HS) show the
wave-length to the wave-frequency;
3. Where the wave-length decreases in proportion to the frequency-increase and the
Well-tempering of 12 Perfect 5ths to the equivalence of 7 Perfect Octaves with 12 Tempered fifths which gives the
5. Primary 'harmonic field'
which in turn reveals the
. 'Divine Proportion' - Phi - at HS step 12.618 

are integrated & immersed in the symmetry & certainty within the natural order of the original void.

The harmonic series creates Phi & these are inseparably bound together in space-time ('stringularity').
This is the 'well tempering' that underpins the 'Well Tempered Climate Accord'.

At source from black holes to dark matter, the connection between these is always fundamental.     


The Field & the Knower of the Field

श्रीभगवानुवाच इदं शरीरं कौन्तेय क्षेत्रमित्यभिधीयते एतद्यो वेत्ति तं प्राहु: क्षेत्रज्ञ इति तद्विद
śhrī-bhagavān uvācha ida śharīra kaunteya khetram ity abhidhīyate etad yo vetti ta prāhu khetra-jña iti tad-vida

The Blessed Lord said: O son of Kunti, this body is referred to as the 'field'.
Those who are versed in this call him who is conscious of it as the 'knower of the field'.


The First Law

The wave length:frequency law - halve the length double the frequency

The 'net-zero' certainty of the Harmonic Series

Prof Guido Tonelli at CMS & Fabiola Gionetti of ATLAS were team leaders at CERN in the
long search that led to the announcement in 2012 of the measurement of the Higgs Boson.

In his recent book 'Genesi' about this, he writes as follows: -

“Original chaos, understood as the void, is anything but disorderly. There is no more strictly ordered, regulated & symmetrical system
than the void. Everything belonging to it is strictly codified, every particle of matter goes hand in hand with its corresponding antiparticle,
every fluctuation dutifully observes the constraints of the uncertainty principle, everything moves to a cadenced & well-tempered rhythm,
a perfect choreography without improvisation or virtuosic excess.”

"The void itself is not chaotic; it is Well-Tempered."

By stating that the original void is orderly & well-tempered, this remarkable statement recognizes as fact the 'harmonic series' (HS) simply exists.
As minute fluctuations have been detected at the void's tiny level of order, a state of 'net-zero' exists around the ordered structural-certainty of this
well-tempered 'numeraire'. Still the order is present, constant, stable & symmetrical, catalystically shaping evolution throughout until the present day,
where direct 'Natural' evidence of its existence & effects remains visible, audible & quantifiable as rates & ratios at any scales of time & space.

Tonelli goes on to say, "the total energy of the universe as a system is the same as if it were a void . . . . or to put it better, that it is still now
simply a void state that has undergone a metamorphosis, seems to be the most convincing hypothesis offered by modern cosmology,
or at any rate the most consistent with the countless number of observations that have been collected to date."

When a respected particle physicist identifies this, it is significant as the structural-certainty of these measurements is the harmonic series, sympathetic resonance,
feedback & organic growth constitute a base against which all the various uncertainties of all life & death (in all their only partial disclosure) may be investigated.

Is it perhaps not more plausible therefore to draw the inference that for example the Higgs Boson is a function of the Well tempered Void,
rather than that the the Well Tempered Void is a function of the Higgs Boson.

The Harmonic Series is natural - it is 'innate organic intelligence', not 'artificial digital intelligence'.

As the harmonic series is fundamental to the 'well-tempered void', effectively it is 'providence', 'force-majeure' or an 'act of god' where it is
the fundamental & also dynamic (reflexive) structure of the rates:ratios of these numbers (not the names) that are 'deterministic' at scale.

It is worth emphasizing at this point that there is nothing 'artificial' (contrived by man or 'mad-made') about this intelligence.
The harmonic or 'orderly void' is providential (natural) & precedes the appearance of man (homo-sapiens) by at least 13.7 billion years.

Perhaps Pythagoras & Plato were correct (see 'Harmony' M Pommier) in foreseeing that well-temperedness is prerequisite to the emergence of life &
life on earth as we know it. The dynamics of well tempering appear to underpin everything. Could life & the universe even exist if this were not so?

Some dicussion of the human history of the discovery & measurement of the Pythagorean Comma

Let this self-referential 'Stringularity' be the numeraire of Harmonic Certainty & 'organic growth'

Well tempering is a self-referential structure that commutes & appeals to no argument beyond itself (completeness). Its dominant 7th chord modulates
through the circle of 12 5ths in the same 'Herz-time' as 7 perfect octaves. This ratio is deterministic & fundamental to equal-temperament or well tempered tuning.
Whatever down-stream arguments appear for uncertainty, indeterminacy & 'Darwinian' behaviour, deterministic & catalystic Stringularity informs them all.

At source, this order is a 'compound-singularity', & observing & measuring the well-temperedness of this order is self-referential.
The rates & ratios of this well-tempered 'harmonic certainty' give a numeraire that is complete & integral to the birth of space-time

When the differences between 12 Perfect & 12 Well Tempered 5ths (the Pythagorean Comma) over the first 7 octaves are fedback on themselves the proximity of
Phi, Pi & Alpha as precursors of the photo-electric effect, photo-synthesis & organic growth
emerge to progressions that can vary over the development of space-time.

'Net-zero at the void' does not alter the Harmonic Series & its derivative Phi.

'Net-zero at the void' (N-ZV) where all pluses have equal minuses doesn't alter this. N-ZV is an embellishment not unlike what musicians call vibrato.
Vibrato is in a player's technique
for locally blurring but locally & globally not fundamentally altering the basic rates & ratios of the harmonic series.

Indeed it can argued that inferring & declaring a consensus for "net-zero at the void" is actually code for saying 'we don't really know what the comment
"net-zero at the void" means' unless the void is well-tempered i.e. time-space is already ordered & musically or self-referentially structured at the outset.

Full-disclosure of how the Well Tempered Void generates Phi is simple & easily demonstrated.

In appreciation of Pisa’s sons Tonelli, Galileo & his Luthier father Vincenzo & their history-making lenses.
The well-tempered spacing used above is same as the ‘equal temperament’ finger board of lutes made by Vincenzo.

This leads to intriguing results

And the relationship between the Periodic Table & the Harmonic Series

Detailed numbers

Isn't Tonelli of the CMS group at CERN really saying this? If so is he unique for saying this?
The ATLAS group at CERN under Fabiola Gianotti produced remarkably similar results.  

John Archibald Wheeler said towards the end of his life: -

”It is my opinion that everything must be based on a simple idea and it is my opinion that this idea, once we have finally
discovered it, will be so compelling, so beautiful, that we will say to one another, yes, how could it have been any different.”

Doesn't the Genesi remark by Tonelli more suggest the first word than the last . . . ?

The Uncertainty Principle

Quantum mechanics emerged in the 20th Century. Heisenberg's 'uncertainty principle' was deduced in 1927.
This principle fundamentally constrains the accuracy with which as 'complementary quantum variables' both: -

[a] the position of sub-atomic particles & also
[b] their momentum can be measured.  

It declares the view that the more we can know about [a] the less we know about [b] & vice versa.
This kind of uncertainty seems to amount to a 'partial-disclosure rule' when attempting to measure the origin of space-time. 

The 'net-zero' uncertainty of 'quantum foam'.

The uncertainty principle underlying the Standard Model of Particle Physics was developed at institutions such as CERN using hi-technology
like the Large Hadron Collider. The observational technique used was essentially to measure the debris from the controlled hi-energy
collisions of various subatomic particles. The original 'void' eventually inferred from this was the 'uncertainty' of 'net-zero quantum-foam'.

The methodology used to obtain such evidence empirically was essentially to measure only observable effects after-the-fact.
However, since 1927 this 'uncertainty' had become more generally deployed to modify the precise predictability of events to
merely the probabilities of the in/correctness of these predictions, despite any of the obvious trends of path-dependency.

At the same time, measuring the cause(s) of the effects to which they give rise, are measurements that may be inferred logically.
As Galileo once famously said, "we must measure what is measurable & we must make measurable what is unmeasurable."

Certainty & uncertainty: tantalizing questions here asking; what is being measured & at what scale; who is measuring; from
where are the measurements being made; what is the methodology used for making the measurements; what is the 'numeraire'
(the unit of measurement) used to measure what are the integrated orderly origins of the rates & the ratios of time-space?

"It it is not surprising when we are dealing with an 'order', we cannot decide whether what we meet with is an order of reality
or an order of our understanding of it." 
Written during the wartime years & initially distributed only to his family & trusted
friends, the essay describes Heisenberg’s philosophical view of how we understand the natural world and our role within it.  

Hippasus, Pythagoras & the unity of 'Stringularity' which integrates both rational & irrational numbers in its 'numeraire'

After 2500 years the story is still told that the Pythagoreans allegedly murdered Hippasus for discovering but also revealing irrational numbers,
(perhaps the square root of two for example) as these challenged the Pythagorean orthodoxy of there being only rational or whole numbers.   

However, when the twelve semitones that are contained in a perfect octave are measured well-tempered,
the 6th step is revealed as the square root of two at 1.414. Phi is also structurally revealed, as shown in the chart.

Moreover, when the Pythagorean Comma is measured over seven octaves, the irrational number of Phi is generated very precisely at step 12.618 of the
harmonic series. This is signifiant as Phi is a number that is clearly ubiquitous in Nature, as for example in the numerous expressions of the Golden Spiral.

This argument, the conflicting logic but also the conflicting ideologies behind the conflicting logic has run & run to the present day.
The development & destiny of AI, about which much concern is now being expressed
is the latest version of this ancient quarrel.
It remains a conflict between the outset of organic or analogue intelligence & the onset of computer generated artificial or digital intelligence.


Logical Beginnings

The first 14 harmonics of the 'harmonic series' compared as

[a] separate parallel steps (see below) and also
[b] superimposed (as with a violin string for example)

fully disclose the parts as functions of the whole or the 'holocratic' structure, sequence, symmetry & the certainty of the whole at the
'non-random-void', enclosed as the integral of hearing, seeing, being & feeling are/is the synthesis - the 'force-field' - of the harmonic series.

. . . (see movies below and here) . . . (this is consistent with the underlying geometry).

. . . and the Harmonic Series as a 'hologram' . . . . . .

Uncertainty, climate change & un-economic growth

Yet, 'uncertainty' came to be the net-positive bias of economic growth, the 'get-lucky' belief-system at the core of modernity & progress.
Its randomness has literally come to under-write the ideology of freedom & free-markets & technological innovation from which democracy &
the rule of law have become globally propagated to this day, particularly by the so-called liberal-democracies of the Western World.

At the same time, concern about how this was changing climate globally had already been stated at UNCED-1 in 1972 & at UNCED-2 in 1992 when
the UNFCCC was agreed with the objective of stopping the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere on the inclusive basis of precaution & equity.

Now, in 2022 due to 30 years of growing UNFCCC-non-compliance, the need for compliance is more urgent than ever. The growing acceleration
of these rates of climate change
has been tracking our collectively captive economic growth path-dependency on what are becoming globally ever
more uneven, uncertain, un-economic & the inorganic growth rates now aggravating further positive-feedbacks to the rates of climate change.

The 'net-zero' of emissions-management

The decreasing prospects of achieving UNFCCC-compliance result from both the sheer inadequacy of feedback-free climate modelling & the 'uncertainty'
(not to say now the absurd inadequacy) of the merely aspirational, sub-global, voluntary 'net-zero' (chaotic) emissions-only policies arising.

With these ever-more-entangled 'uncertainties' of responses to climate change, by doing too little too late we now progessively face ever
more chaotic & catastrophically damaging climate-outcomes, as we continue to consolidate the failure to achieve UNFCCC-Compliance.

A mutually assisted suicide pact a function of uncertainty?

Considering the price we have already begun to pay for this indecision and the delays arising, the logic as seen
by the UN Secretary General Guterres is now increasingly regarded as the logic of a mutually assisted suicide pact.

While the liberal democracies of the Westen World have been & still remain primarily responsible for this now increasingly perilous state of affairs
(CDIAC data), globally all countries are now collectively stressed & yet completely interdependent, if UNFCCC-Compliance is ever to be achieved.


Hence C&C The Well Tempered Climate Accord (WTCA) & The Carbon Budget Accounting Tool (CBAT)

"It seems to me that Contraction and Convergence is the basic principle that should guide climate policy,
and that this policy is really unchallenged in princi
ple by any of the climate models under discussion.

Granted that it is good to have accurate models of how the world works, and to work out the numerical balances of C&C.
Nevertheless, I wonder at what point complex and uncertain empirical models become a distraction from simple first principles?

C&C is a necessary condition for a just and sustainable world.

With best wishes & admiration for your important work on C&C."

Herman Daly
Emeritus Professor University of Maryland


For 30 years the climate change challenge we've faced but inadequately sought to address has obviously been this: -
can we solve the 'problem' faster, not slower (as we have done) than we create it?

What's obvious is also necessary & requires trend-projections & integrated path-measurement aimed at UNFCCC-Compliance.
CBAT is a visualization tool to dynamically disclose, measure & compare the climate, political & economic trend-risks obstructing this

WTCA is premised on the necessary certainty of full disclosure, not the partial & fragmentary non-disclosure arrangements on which
uneconomic growth increasingly depends. GCI's climate 'certainty-agenda' has been about this since 1989 when C&C was first conceived.

From 1990 until 2010 this certainty basis was the WTCA or 'Contraction and Convergence' (C&C) & support for C&C grew steadily.
Many years ago Richard Lindzen MIT said of C&C, "Its obvious; I just don't think humanity has the wit to organise it."

Faced with the risks of doing to little too late, the key to UNFCCC-Compliance inexorably still remains doing enough, soon enough.
Here's CBAT animated for this purpose. The message from future carbon-contraction-budget arithmetic is obvious & simple: -
CO2 concentrations are a function of accumulated emisssions; they keep rising even as emissions are falling.

'Well-Tempered' in Italian is 'Ben Temperato' or 'Well Timed'

Vincenzo Galileo (Galielo Galilei's father) was a Luthier. He recognized that fret-spacing on the finger board of a lute needs spacing of equal temperament.
Well Tempered tuning or the certainty of 'equal temperament' of 12 Tempered 5ths commuting with 7 Perfect Octaves is fundamental and self-referential.

If we count & act globally as commoners in time & in tune together, living & lasting according to Nature's Laws might be possible, but we don't.
We resort to concepts like the 'net-zero-void', which is no different to saying 'we don't really know'.
Similarly the 'net-zero-emissions' taken up
by IPCC after the Paris Agreement of 2016, is another way of saying 'we don't really know'.

In fact 'net-zeroing' anything uncouples time & space, further dissociating cause & effect. It implies the UNFCCC-compliance-failure we now face
is unfortunately, unavoidably but ultimately (ludicrously) expiated by this, as any collective path-finding is always dominated by 'uncertainty'
Turning everything into net calculations - here 'net-emissions' - functionally obscures the 'UNFCCC-compliance-signal' of the 'numeraire'.

Whilst the $ remains the dominant numeraire, we count & act locally & privately within a short-term economic-rationale hoping that 'commercial exchanges'
will favour 'us' at the expense of 'them' (someone else, somewhere else, some other time) in what has increasingly become a generic process of uneconomic
& inequitable growth, subordinated to the relentless inorganic growth-exponent that is already triggering global environmental & social collapse instead.

The first attempt to consolidate this 'uncertainty-economics' was in the IPCC in 1994 with what was called the economics of genocide and it caused absolute outrage.
Since then precaution & equity have simply become the fig-leaves of non-disclosure, as all 27 COPs to UNFCCC have been based on $-defined Cost-Benefit-Analysis.

Is it any wonder that we are now in the existential peril UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres recognizes we are in?

Seeking to achieve net-zero-emissions off the back of more uneconomic growth, might at best slow the rise of atmospheric CO2 concentrations,
but this is obviously not enough to cause them to actually fall - let-alone also the fall of rising temperature & damages consequent on this.

The fall of all of these are prerequisite to achieving UNFCCC-compliance by avoiding uncontrollably accelerating rates of climate change.

In these circumstances any randomly assigned international shares for the commercial trading of pollution for private-profits, will simply increase
(not decrease) uncertainties. Deepening 'non-disclosure', this approach actually extends what was once regarded as the 'divine rights of kings'.

However, as the policy-incoherence deepens, the mask of 'climate-uncertainty' mimics the 'net-zero' of cosmic non-disclosure. As this mask now falls away,
disclosure reveals our logical beginnings whilst also showing that remaining climate-witless, really means willing our ends in the growing global climate-chaos.

When UN Secretary General Guterres' says we are in a 'mutually assisted suicide pact', he recognized the existential peril that we are now in.
As things stand the path of doing too little too late is the path we are on. All that is uncertain is the rate of the changes that lie ahead.

As we contemplate this, these words also from Guido Tonelli in Genesis are part of the extensive preamble to his words as written here: -

" . . . the result that we obtain is truly astonishing: it amounts to zero.
In short, the total energy of the universe as a system is the same as if it were a void.

All of this can hardly be due to pure coincidence. Especially since something similar happens
for the total charge of the universe, for its impulse, and for its angular momentum.
Everything is strictly equal to zero.

To summarise, the universe has zero energy, zero impulse, zero angular momentum and zero
electrical charge: all characteristics that make it remarkably like a void. At this point the scientists must
capitulate, since if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then for them it is a duck.

The most sophisticated and complete observational data that we have gathered so far tells us in a
consistent way that the mystery of the origin of the universe is hidden in the simplest hypothesis,
which among other things resolves at a stroke the question that seemed to cause the Big Bang theory to waver.

In a universe with a sum total of zero energy there is no need to resort to the strange mechanism that
concentrates enormous quantities of energy and matter into the initial singularity, because within that point
the energy is nil, and within the system that unfurls from it and that we call the universe there is also zero total energy.

The physicist and cosmologist Alan Guth, one of the prime movers of this theory, defines it as the most appealing example
of a ‘free meal’ furnished by the quantum vacuum. That the whole universe comes from a void, or to put it better,
that it is still now simply a void state that has undergone a metamorphosis, seems to be the most convincing hypothesis
offered by modern cosmology, or at any rate the most consistent with the countless number of observations
that have been collected to date."


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The Harmonic Series: even numbers & odd numbers, separately & together & the curve arising generating Phi

Harmonics - odd & even numbers (the rule is halve the wave-length-double the frequency; third the length-treble the frequency etc) . . .

  1. Within the overall structure of the 'harmony' of the harmonic-series, the rates & ratios of each harmonic
    one-by-one has an individual wave-length (frequency) defined by each whole numer from 1 to infinity.

  2. 'Opening' from the absolute zero position at the centre, individually these 'strings' oscillate equally net-positive
    to the right, in relation to oscillating net-negative to the left, giving 'net-zero' overall at the centre (amplitude).

  3. Each string oscillates individually 'net-zero', at all & any [a] wave-length & at all & any (b) amplitudes
    as defined by the rates and the ratios of the harmonic series.

  4. As these 'strings' vibrate at different rates, a key structural difference between odd & even numbers emerges: -
    even-numbered harmonics (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc) are never at the absolute zero position at the same moment
    while they are together at the fully open position half way through & also again at the completion of a full cycle.

  5. Odd-numbered harmonics (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 etc) on the other hand, all reach the net-zero position
    simultaneously, at exactly halfway through a full cycle of the even numbered harmonics, while
    all harmonics
    (odds & evens) are all fully together at the fully open net-zero position emerging at the completion of a full cycle.

  6. A key property of this is the cycle of well tempered 5ths (dominant 7th chords) enables modulation between all 12 keys.
    Dominant 7ths integrate the 'odd' (femail) but not the 'even' (male) numbers. The wave-forms of this series of 'Amen
    Cadences' achieve net-zero in unison halfway through the full cycle combining both odd & even numbers together.

  7. Only strictly within the fully defined rates & ratios of the harmonic series (where 7 perfect octaves equal 12 well-tempered fifths) can
    the void be described as 'net-zero' & this truth - "the strictly ordered, regulated, symmetrical & well tempered void" inferred by Tonelli
    this is a structured, symmetrical & scheduled catalyst at the birth of space-time & it is true for any formulation of net-zero at the void.

  8. Indeed it can argued that inferring & declaring a consensus for "net-zero at the void" is actually code for saying 'we don't really know
    what the comment "net-zero at the void" means' unless the void is well-tempered. In other words, time-space is already ordered &
    - or musically - structured at the source, with various uncertainties arising downstream.

  9. What this suggests is that the clarity of this overall well tempered structure gives a 'certainty' that is ineradicable
    and that it precedes & informs all & any uncertainties arising.

  10. Is Guido Tonelli unique for implying this?

    Perhaps 'uncertainty' is just a function of Pandora's Box, so the 'chaos' of some-one/thing/time else can always explain failure?

    This situation is reminiscent of the conceptual catastrophe created by IPCC author Prof. Myles Allen who, with members of UKMO set out
    to get C&C (WTCA CBAT) removed & replaced with what he asserts as his 'impressive' NET-ZERO-Emissions-Pathways (NZEPs).

    "That one small word “net” in the phrase “net zero emissions”
    creates massive opportunities for fudging & outright obfuscation
    with non-disclosure and avoidance still dominating climate nagotiations.
    (Recent interview with Naom Chomsky on latest IPCC Report)

    With intentions that were obviously red herrings, Allen argued that PN-Z-EP must replace the widely supported C&C, falsely claiming
    that all C&C does is to address the widening gap between the rich & the poor, then misleadingly stating it is, "the wrong question."

    He correctly cites the objective of the UNFCCC is to achieve safe GHG concentrations. However, he carefully omits to cite its principles viz. "based on
    precaution & equity".
    He also omits to recognize that atmospheric CO2 concentrations are a function of accumulated CO2 emissions (not merely spot-
    checking 'emissions') & worse that temperature rise is a function of these accumulated emissions (rising concentrations) plus the feedbacks to them.

    He knows about the CBAT model as he attended the EAC sesssions in 2012 where CBAT was requested as evidence by the EAC as it measures
    the rates for linking the rise of carbon concentrations, temperature & feedback to future global carbon budgeting & climate damage rates arising.

    Ignoring this & denouncing C&C, while agitating instead for the chaos of “net zero emissions” simply increases the rate of UNFCCC-non-compliance.

    Unindexed to UNFCCC-Compliance, NET-ZERO-EMISSIONS is deliberately incoherent, generating more confusion & chaos

    Finally, in the latest IPCC Synthesis Report of AR6 now recognizes, "very high emissions scenarios have become less likely but cannot be ruled out.
    Warming levels >4°C may result from very high emissions scenarios, but can also occur from lower emission scenarios if climate sensitivity or carbon
    cycle feedbacks are higher than the best estimate."
    This is finally a scientific admission that runaway rates of climate change are entirely possible.

    In this context, PNZEP to UNFCCC-Compliance equals not so much uncertainty & distraction, as the very mother of confusion.
    The reason for saying this is already evident: - within the UK alone, uncertainty increases daily, as no one can agree what & how
    to count NZE
    & now we're all back in court in search of the judical wisdom & vision that ensures the people don't perish.

    If this exodus sound hopelessly familiar, it is
    . In 2017 the now ex-barrister Tim Crosland marched his climate cohorts to the High Court
    demanding a judicial review of the UK Climate Act (UKCA) (a legal document embedding C&C) & the UKCA is "strong support for C&C"
    as Adair Turner
    UK Climate Change Committee Chair at the time clearly told Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee (EAC).

    GCI predicted that the Government would deploy a strategy of net-zero-emissions-targets to confuse the High Court Judge. These predictions were ignored,
    yet that is exactly what government did & the reason was to avoid the clarity of C&C - & it worked. Now here we are six years later, not just with uncertainties,
    but with what is now the literally lethal confusion about how to agree just to count just the UK's net-zero targets on the globally widening road to climate chaos.

    The Government's defence barrister said to me somewhat ironically after his 'victory' in 2017, "but we all love C&C."

    Since then accelerating momentum towards climate chaos has triggered a 'rebellion against extinction'. While such protest is valid, it is now also 'illegal'.
    However, the fact is that both government & non-government actors acting chaotically without an overall plan is all at this stage just panglossian. It is
    an internationally shared distraction to keep us on the path-deviation from what is needed, an internationally scheduled path to UNFCCC-Compliance.

    True, the 'scientific' CO2 measurement dilemma is considerable. It still primarily means having at best to infer the +/-value of land-ocean carbon sinks off the
    rising value of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Reasonably known/reported/measured CO2 emissions (sources) from oil-coal-gas burning account for this.
    However, the declining strength of land/ocean CO2 sinks
    also means that these still 'net-sinks' are gradually themselves becoming CO2 sources as well.

    You couldn't make any of this up; it is now actually happening - ocean sinks are warming & acidifying; land sinks are drying & burning & the trouble now is
    that we've left it all too late for compliance as emissions from these weakening sinks need to added to emissions already happening from fossil fuel burning.
    It is the antithesis of everything, everywhere all at once & is becoming net-nothing, net-nowhere on the folly of the net-never-never.

    Politically this mess was triggered by Jeremy Leggett & Bill Hare of Greenpeace around 1990. They denounced 'climate criminals' at the 2nd
    World Climate Conference in 1990. They denounced the Japanese Government for advocating C&C at COP-2 & the US et al at COP-3
    after the Byrd Hagel Resolution of the US Senate with which the US advocated C&C at COP-3 - Hare described it as 'bird brained'.

    Thirty years on & still based on this now effectively voyeuristic worldview, the Carbon Tracker Initiative has been dutifully spot-checking the rise
    of emissions & now US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen states their central realization, "climate change already has a major economic & financial
    impact on the US & can trigger asset value losses in the future can cascade through the U.S. financial system."

    Her comment comes too late & is prolix. To solve a problem we have to solve it faster than we create it. Yet for 3 decades we have done precisely the opposite;
    we have for all this time been creating the problem much faster than we have been acting to resolve it
    . She would - indeed in her position she should - know this.
    Her statement is simply yet another distraction from what is now completely obvious - climate damages have been rising faster than growth for over 2 decades.

    Are we still causing the problem faster than we are responding to avoid it. Obviously yes.
    Could 're-enewable energy sources' have eased the transition away from fossil fuels. Only to some extent.
    Are damages rates arising from the accelerating rates of climate change threatening to overwhelm us? Obviously yes.

    Have the fossil fuel providing 'climate criminals' been brought to book? Obviously not. Even if they were, would it make a difference?
    Obviously not a difference that is really helpful or even necessarily relevant to UNFCCC-Compliance.

    What is relevant to UNFCCC-Compliance? Is a full-term framework needed to achieve UNFCCC-Compliance? If so what is it?
    If we are all serious about UNFCCC-Compliance, the answer is obviously yes - which means integrating the 4 'domains' of CBAT.

    Domain 4 of the Carbon Budget Accounting Tool 

    Together all 4 Domains of C&C CBAT calculate what it takes to solve this problem faster than we create it. Based on the well tempered properties of C&C & to
    variously evident & also considerable acknowledgement, this analysis (where parts add up to the whole) was originally done 23 years ago for CGNU in 2000!

    CBAT based on the rates & ratios of harmonic series is a stable, simple & symmetrical way of calculating rising risks & the rational & empirical basis of integrated
    & time-sufficient 'net-zero' response scheduling i.e. solving the problem (the primary indicator of contracting converging CO2 emissions) faster than we are causing
    it (causing damages to accelerate out of control). This has been obvious for the last 30 years. Perhaps Janet Yellen will consider the reality check in CBAT Domain 4.

    Compounding uncertainty, the problem now is just more random reactions, random responses & random rebellions, feeding into the growing reality of climate chaos.

    While Bertrand Russell's paradox seems to cancel reason & Kurt Godel's Incompleteness Theorems show the limits of maths, the harmonic series is force majeure.
    It is ineradicable. If we could ban it we wouldn't exist, for the simple & factual reason that nothing could have existed in the first place without it.

    The facts are, we do exist & we can't ban it & actions based on trying to do this effectively seek to ban only life on earth & any future it may yet or might have had.
    In 1992 we called UNFCCC, "Return to Sender" & it is also why there was such a furious row about the economics of genocide in IPCC Working Group 3 in 1994.

    From the big-bang outwards, as the Well Tempered Tonelli quote indicates,
    the order of the harmonic series is the rational & empirical basis of everything

    From the UNFCCC onwards, numerous affirmations indicate,
    the Well Tempered Climate Accord (C&C CBAT WTCA) as the rational full-term basis of Compliance.

    For an IPCC-expert at this stage to
    describe the whole C&C-canon simply as, "addressing the widening gap between the rich & the poor" thus answering "the wrong question",
    in order to try & validate the increasingly hopeless deconstructionist chaos of his 'net-zero-emissions' attached to the structureless
    notion that net-zero globally by 2050 equals
    UNFCCC-Compliance, will probably soon & as things worsen, be recognized as yet further academic encouragement of what has already become the global warming war-crime.

    It is the same as the dilemma now faced by former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK Parliamentary enquiry into standards in public life: -

    1. was what he did deliberate? (yes - it was hardly an accident);
    2. was what he did wreckless? (yes - it was obviously not risk-averse);
    3. was what he did intentionally wreckless? (in the circumstances, what else could it have been?).

    If the chaos caused was 'unintentional', what could possibly justify the appointment of Myles Allen with
    these incompetent arguments to the role of IPCC lead author on such a sensitive matter in the first place?

    While he is no longer an IPCC lead author, the sheer confusion now arising from 'net-zero' & the growth of
    greenwashing opportunities now in play, has yet further dimmed the prospects for UNFCCC-compliance.

    He is not alone in needing to understand that precaution & equity are matters of fact, before they are matters of faith.

    "The void itself is not chaotic; it is Well-Tempered."

    By stating that the original void is orderly & well-tempered, Tonelli's remarkable statement simply recognizes as fact the 'harmonic series' (HS) exists.
    The ordered structural-certainty of this 'numeraire' is fundamental, constant, stable, symmetrical & crucially the catalyst shaping evolution itself.

"We have reached one hundredth of a billionth of a second after the Big Bang, and from this moment onwards things become clearer. Ever since we discovered the Higgs boson
and were able to measure its mass, this part of the story has kept few secrets. The new-born universe is already pretty imposing. It has reached the not inconsiderable dimension
of a billion kilometres. Suddenly, when the temperature decreases below a certain threshold, the Higgs bosons which until a moment ago had been roaming freely, now begin to
congeal and crystallise. At these temperatures, which are freezing for them, they are unable to survive and are hidden away in the comfortable sepulchre of the void.

It will require a great deal of patience before they are seen again. It will take 13.8 billion years in fact, before on planet Earth someone will manage to engineer collisions of energy
of such magnitude as to bring them back to life, if only for a fraction of a second, an amount of time sufficient for them to leave indelible traces of their presence.

The field associated with them acquires a specific value that radically transforms the properties of the void. Many elementary particles are subject to a sizeable interaction while crossing it,
and as a result their speed diminishes, allowing them to acquire a mass; others that travel without being disrupted remain impervious and can continue to move at the speed of light.

With the Higgs field the perfect symmetry that had characterised the primeval universe fractures and the weak interaction completely separates from the electromagnetic force.
Some particles become so heavy they are rendered unstable, and immediately disappear from the rapidly cooling universe. Others will crucially acquire mass but retain a lightness
that will prove fundamental for soon moving to a quite special organisation of matter. The newcomer, the Higgs field, acting with a light touch, has constructed multiplicity
(variety and complexity) following a clear and simple rule. The elementary particles which remain as if entangled in the field, distinguish themselves from one another depending
on the intensity of the interaction, and by so doing they end up acquiring irreversibly different masses.

Their gentle operation resembles that of the demiurge in Plato’s Timaeus, the master craftsman who, through the mediation of numbers, converts the formless pre-existing matter
into something dynamic and vital. Everything will be born from this delicate touch that crucially changed things forever. But we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves: it is still early.

The second day has just ended and only 10–11 seconds have passed".

Guido Tonelli - Day Two, from 'Genesi'

The Harmonic Series clearly births Phi at Step 12.618.

The Higgs Boson is defined at 125 GeV - see identical results from CERN teams CMS & ATLAS,
(led to Guido Tonelli & Fabiola Gianotti) as published in 2010 to the greatest both at CERN and beyond.           

If we can ask what is the relationship between the HB & Phi,
we can also wonder what is the relationship with the well-tempered void? 

7 Perfect Octaves = 12 Perfect Fiths = Phi = Harmonic Series

In music Well Tempered Tuning results from the comparison of . . .

7 Perfect Octaves & 12 Perfect 5ths (PF), which is 2^7 = *128* : 1.5^12 = 129.7463379.
where they don't commute i.e. revealing the Pythagorean Comma (PC) = 1.7463379 . . . . with

7 Perfect Octaves & 12 Well-Tempered 5ths (WTF), which is 2^7 = *128* : 1.4983070768^12 = *128,
where they do commute i.e. removing the Pythagorean Comma i.e. to reveal = 0

Key to the sheer beauty of this structure is the revelation of Phi in the first Perfect Octave in the difference
between a Perfect Fifth (150 Hz) & a Well Tempered Fifth (149.8 Hz) applying 'equal temperament', which
lies at the Phi point (.618) between a Perfect Fifth (.666) & a Diminished Fifth (.583).

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