. . . . 'fluminescence' - honouring the work of Ginny Battson

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In one exquisite word - 'fluminism' - Ginny has captured in all dimensions & at all scales the essential sequencing & structuring
of all thoughts & all living things. Our DNA is ~99.9% the same as all humans & a wee bit less for the rest of life.

We are already programmed not just to survive but to succeed!


When taking stock of the situation we are all now in, fluminism (flowingness) is Ginny's beautiful, subtle yet luminous insight.

    1. In the visible spectrum it takes us from red to violet
    2. Where (like music) if we halve the wave-length, we double the frequency
    3. through green at 'Phi' the 'Well-Tempered' Golden Ratio 1.618 ..... the colour of life.

It reminds me of another key insight - in this case from another heroine Rosalind Franklin
'seeing' the origin of the Phi-rich structure of DNA in 'photo 51'

These elide with the 'Well Tempered Climate Accord', originally known as contraction & convergence
This is the musical basis upon which we may yet flow to do enough soon enough,
to avoid the looming climate catastrophe that follows if we don't.

Cosmological Consonance precedes Cognitive Disssonance

Here's a taster of 'Phi' in music